Sunday, August 5, 2012

42 – Sun-dried tomatoes

This one I am going to transcribe just as I found it on the Internet:
Dearest friends. More often than not time is not on my side as I try to share with you my ideas about all the projects I am doing. But today I am following up on my promise and describe my most recent project: a solar food dehydrator. I am not quite sure if it will work but when I decide on something I do not give up until I make it work.
Sun-dried tomatoes

I love sun-dried tomatoes and I normally do them in the microwave to save time. The other day, surfing the net, I received a comment from my friend Mônica who had a post about her solar food dehydrator. I was curious and went on to investigate this contraption. This was a very simple gadget. I bought the material and convinced my husband to make it for me.

Solar food dehydrator
Solar food dehydrator made out of Styrofoam.
People! These things are designed to dehydrate food products, like fruit, tomatoes and vegetables, in the sun. With all the sun we have here in Brasil. What a show! 
One day, after my husband arrived from work, we made this dehydrator. He made it. I gave opinions, suggestions and moral support… We opted for Styrofoam because this was going to be a test.
Aluminum foil to help concentrate the heat.
Detail of the mosquito net for ventilation.
I loaded my new dehydrator with tomatoes and after spraying them with a mixture of one half sugar and one half salt I placed the box in the sun covered with a piece of 4mm window glass.
Dehydrator covered with 4mm glass sheet.
Saturday I was very happy imagining my sun-dried tomatoes when I saw a dark cloud approaching. It has been raining since and I have not been able to test my tomato dehydrator. Why did I have to find out about this contraption at the end of summer? Well. So be it. I will wait for the sun to return.
My love to all the curious people who surf by my blog on a regular basis.

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