Tuesday, May 8, 2012

03 - Building ventilation

We saw that the accumulation of hot air and humidity inside a dwelling not only make it less comfortable but also give rise to the development of mold and other unhealthy organisms.
There is another problem caused by poor ventilation. Smoke from the stove or from the fireplace used for cooking and heating also accumulates inside our dwellings.    
This smoke is very unhealthy and causes respiratory problems in all human beings, but especially in women because they are the ones who spend the most time cooking. This smoke also causes respiratory problems in children because they are more sensitive and their bodies are less resistant.
Openings that naturally exist in buildings, be it windows, door or holes in the wall, like in the picture above, may not provide enough ventilation and enough air circulation to clean up the air from all the smoke.
If there is not enough ventilation in a building a lot of smoke and humidity will be retained inside the dwelling during the night causing long term respiratory problems in all the building occupants, men, women, children, young and old.
It is very important to find a way to continuously and effectively ventilate and circulate the air inside a building to make sure that all the smoke, the excess humidity and the stale air are cleared every day.

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