Thursday, May 17, 2012

22 - A manual CEB CINVA press

Manual CEB (Compressed Earth Blocks) presses exist since Raul Ramirez created the manual CINVA press in the 1950s decade.

Ever since a number of designers and enterprises around the world have published and manufactured CEB presses based on this concept. There are also a number of Internet sites with links to drawings for this type of manual CEB press.
I have been searching far and wide but I have not been able to find any plans or drawings for one of these manual presses.  In the end I decided to create my own set of plans and drawings for the manual CINVA press. The objective was to create a set of drawings with all the pieces, dimensions and details for anyone to build one.
The press I drew and filed in the Google 3D Warehouse data base was for 28cm x 14cm x 10cm CEB blocks and is intended to manufacture one block at a time. It is really intended to be a tool for the entry level builder.
I have not built a prototype yet. A few details are missing by I am confident that all dimensions are good and will be useful to anyone with access to a small metal workshop.
I will update all the published drawings and plans and will share in this blog all the missing details as soon as I have built and tested the prototype.

But if anyone is handy enough to try and build a prototype before I do, please share with us your lessons learned. We will all be thankful for that.
I am available to answer any questions and clarify any doubts.


  1. Hello!

    How are you?

    Pls let me know when you're finished. I am highly interested

    1. Hi,

      I found another drawing that may be of help.
      I will send the link by email.


  2. Bernardint

    Hi Nando

    Thanks a lot for answering my post. I downloaded the link you sent me. I will take the drawings to one of my friend who knows more about mecanics. I will still wait for a prototype to be built.

    Best regards

    Best regards