Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ideas to be explored

There is a lot to be explored in this blog, but I want all topics to be to the point, concrete and directly applicable to the construction of low cost dwellings that can be of benefit any to and all communities that can use the information collected here.
Most of the information presented here is neither new nor original. It is in fact collected from various sources, sources that I consider valuable for the intended purpose - to provide alternatives and ideas for the construction of comfortable and dignified dwellings.
The target of this blog are low cost simple dwellings. I have investigated and I cannot find information aimed at this type of dwelling. I have found a lot of information but not in a way that can be of value to the builder of these simple dwellings.
Before continuing, I want to say what everyone already knows - very few low cost dwellings are comfortable or dignified. There are multiple reasons that contribute to this reality. One of these is the loss of popularity in the use of traditional materials.
Over the years a lot of negative propaganda has been leveled at the use of traditional materials. At the same time a lot of marketing has promoted the use of so called modern materials, such as concrete, corrugated iron and plastic, among many.
These modern materials do have their advantages, but they have also given rise to the proliferation of very uncomfortable dwellings with trivialized appearances. I would even venture to say that their appearances are aesthetically offensive. The great majority of these dwellings, built with modern materials, are very hot during hot weather, or when the sun shines, and very cold during the cold months of the year and at night.
In addition to these problems, many dwellings do not have sanitary conditions for one reason or another. How can a human being, living in one of these dwellings, feel rested in the morning and motivated to face another day of work?
The ideas I want to explore in this blog have the primary goal of improving on this situation with the revival of traditional materials and building methods and the integration of various ideas from different regions of the world to create dwellings that are comfortable as well as pleasant to the eyes of those who live in them and those who see them from the street.

I wish the ideas to be of the most varied origins. To this end I solicit and appreciate in advance any and all participation from the most varied sources.

All this may appear to be a very ambitious goal but I think it is not that unattainable.

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